Crime Maps

Las Vegas Area MapIt’s unfortunate but crime happens. Especially in the Las Vegas area and it’s not just in North Las Vegas. Henderson, south, east, west Las Vegas, and all communities in the Las Vegas metro area have crime statistics logged. From burglaries and assault to car theft, home invasions and armed robbery, crime happens everywhere.

If you own a vacation home or second residence in Las Vegas or if your primary residence is here but you are gone for long periods of time, a house checking service is exactly what you need to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a break in.  Though not 100% bullet proof, a home check service reduces the risk by keeping your home from looking abandoned and empty which are prime targets for vagrants, copper thieves and burglars that will steal your cabinets and A/C units. It happens! A quality home check service also keeps the HOA off your back.

Take a look at these crime maps and see what has been going on in your neighborhood:

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